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Author Topic: Blizzard Modding Information Center is now BLIZZMOD!!!  (Read 1201 times)

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Blizzard Modding Information Center is now BLIZZMOD!!!
« on: May 16, 2017, 08:56:31 AM »

Blizzard Modding is now BLIZZMOD, OFFICIALLY!!!

Hello my fellow Blizzmoders!!!!

Today I had (at last!!) time to put some work in an idea I've been working since the last year: a new domain, shorter and easy to remind to the community. The outcome is that Blizzardmodding.info will now redirect to its shortened version, blizzmod.info. Secondly, with this domain upgrade, I've updated the site to the latest version of SMF (2.0.14), which brings more security stability and improved performance with an actual and future support to HTTPS and PHP7.

All the settings have been done in terms to do a permanent redirect (301) to the new domain, and this means that your current bookmarks to your site will move into the correct site. Anyways, we recommend you to update your links to the new domain. If you find some pages not loading or any possible issue with this site, feel free to post them here.


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Use Dropbox...


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