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Welcome. Here's the place where modding your favorite game can be possible, and supported by a nice and warm community. Here you will find resources which will help you to develop your projects faster. Additionally you can show off your projects and share with a growing community, even be part of the Blizzard Modding Network, which aims to gather all the projects and clans around this game.

Please enjoy your stance here.

Warcraft III Maps

Picked from the vault...

Mitula's Seal

By strahinja

Version: 1.0.0

Keywords: Mitula's, Seal

Play Mode: single-player

Category: Role Playing (RPG/ORPG)

TileSets: Ashenvale,Dalaran

Players: Min: 1 - Max: 1

It was really rude of me to leave map described like that, so i came to change it.
First of all, forgive me for description you are about to see because i am writing it based on remains of my memory of making it. It is not very recent map.

Earthsong II - Mitula's Seal

Rise of dark spirits over...

Warcraft III models

Picked from the vault...

Death Rose

By Judash137

Keywords: WC3 model

Model type: Hero

Category: World of Warcraft,Night Elf

Body Mesh edited from WOW
Other Mesh by me
Mdx format use for Warcraft III map
Betrayed by a human guy, she sell her youth to gain demonic power. A lively rose withering and become Death Rose.


Warcraft III Skins

Picked from the vault...

Hellfire Spawn

By Heinvers

Keywords: Diablo, Demon, Hellfire, Hell, Spawn, Satyr

Categories: Unit,Diablo,Demon

The standard armies of Hell are nothing but bothersome creatures summoned forth by the Lesser Evils for their various biding.

These vile one are Mephisto's favorite 'pet' creatures.

Screenshots taken with the 512x version. Here it is the HD variation if needed.

Warcraft III Tools

Picked from the vault...

Jasshelper 2014-03-10

By Glowackos

Version: 2014-03-10

Keywords: Jasshelper, Glowackos, Bugfix

OS: Windows XP,Windows Vista,Windows 7,Windows 8

Categories: Jass Scripting,World Editor (WE) Add on or plugin

Code: jass  [Select]//=====================================//  Jasshelper 2014-03-10 Changelog//=====================================* Fixed a bug with deallocate on extended structs that used onDestroy.* Increased the stacksize in pjass.exe
This is a bugfix I posted a while ago, but it got deleted with the forum update, so post...

Warcraft III Spells & systems

Picked from the vault...

Custom Ability Source Cost v1.1

By radamantus

Categories: System,GUI

Allows you to use custom ability source cost.

To Import:
Copy the triggers and variables

Trigger: Test 685408133                CASC SetupEventsMap initializationConditionsActionsCustom script: set udg_CASC_Hash = InitHashtable()-------- --------------...

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